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Good Grout Keeping

  • Add Some “Sparkle” to your Tiled Surfaces this New Year!

    Bring your grout and tiled area back to life with Grout Doctor Shower Clear.  Shower Clear revitalizes tile and grout, repels water spots and provides a temporary barrier between your surface and troublesome contaminants.
  • The Magic of Microfiber

    Microfiber is a healthy yet effective way to eliminate germs, dirt and contaminants from a surface.  Everything you need to know about microfiber can be found in our blog!
  • Study Finds Probiotic Cleaners Control Surface Microbials

    These results indicate that this probiotic-based procedure is active not only in controlling surface microbial contamination but also in lowering drug-resistant species, suggesting that it may have relevant clinical and therapeutical implications for the management of Healthcare Associated Infections.
  • Probiotics - Not Just For Humans Anymore

    A probiotic infused cleaner is the safest, most effective way to keep all of your surfaces healthy!  Cure All is gentle on the environment, leaves a layer of protection after application, it is an amazing cleaner and stain remover and works on almost any surface.  This technology is today's "counter culture"!