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Add Some “Sparkle” to your Tiled Surfaces this New Year!

As the Director of our Consumer Products Division, I never miss an opportunity to test our products out in a new environment.   I am probably the only customer who leaves a hotel bathroom cleaner when I depart than it was when I arrived and trust me; I have seen my share of dingy, out dated grout and tile in my travels.  Our product, Shower Clear, has yet to disappoint.  It does not matter how poor the condition of a tiled area may be in, Shower Clear has a way of breathing new life into it.  My bathroom sparkles after I give it a round of this magical spray.  I use it on my glass shower doors to repel water spots and keep that hazy film that appears (on my glass doors anyway) at bay. I spray it on my toilet and in vanity sinks and wipe until I see reflection and inside my shower, well there is nothing like stepping into a shower that sparkles!  While Shower Clear is not a permanent coating, if used regularly, it will add a layer of protection between your surface and troublesome contaminants.  The regular use of this product also makes future cleanings a snap.

For the best results spray on a tile, grout, glass, mirrors or porcelain surface, allow to dwell for a minute or two and then rub down with a high-quality microfiber towel or rag.   Repeat this once every week to maintain the “sparkle”.  Shower Clear is made of special salts and citrus and is safe for you, your family, your pets and our environment.

Tip for Realtors or Home Sellers:  Use this product on surfaces before a showing or an open house for that extra bling to listing bathrooms!

Bring in the New Year with Shower Clear for a sparkle clean bathroom!

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